Our Story

The Business of Beans

Founded in 2003, Xpresso Delight specializes in providing coffee systems and our exclusive proprietary premium blend of coffee to the high-end corporate market in Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Xpresso Delight’s 5 Star Concierge Coffee Service transplants a cafe style experience into the workplace and utilizes a weekly dedicated coffee concierge model to offer a level of service and convenience unavailable elsewhere in the market.

Co-founders Paul Crabtree and Stephen Spitz created the Xpresso Delight concept out of a passion for coffee and the largely untapped market opportunity to provide an easy, affordable espresso coffee solution to the modern workplace.

Our Story

Quality Coffee Beans

Xpresso Delight prides itself on the quality of coffee it produces. We aren’t looking to become the biggest or the cheapest but a company which strives to deliver a coffee experience which is unavailable elsewhere in the market.

This is why we use a multi region 100% Arabica blend specifically designed to compliment both non-milk and milk based espresso coffees.

Fresh is Best

As we have a dedicated coffee concierge on site every week, it allows us to ship fresh roasted coffee beans each week to your location to make sure you are drinking the freshest and best-tasting coffee in the market available.

The Environmental Choice

Xpresso Delight uses ‘bean to cup’ machines, meaning there are no plastic capsules or paper filters needed to enjoy your perfectly brewed coffee. This cuts down operating costs and waste production. Why use pre-ground capsules when you only need fresh beans?